iPhone 13 Pro Max White screen after update and solution.

iPhone 13 Pro Max White screen after update and solution.

Many iPhone users especially on Asian country the iPhone 13 pro max users face such white screen issues. what is the main cause behind these issues and what the real solution is this web post  tells all information that you need for prevention? This mostly happens in Asian countries and why.

This fault is actually from overheating while updating. The size of your iOS 15.6.1 download depends on your iPhone model and the version of iOS running on it. If you are already on iOS 15 then you see the smallest download size but if you have older iOS then you see a larger download size.

If you have fast wifi then less than 10 minutes to download but if wifi is slow then this may take more. If you update regularly then this problem won't happen but if you update from old to new means that take the most chance that you face this issue.

Why am I telling this all that has a reason?

This is apple's design fault in the race for a thinner display-making process. While on update process with apple logo makes long around approx 10 minutes makes heating most and also connected to the charger and the hot environment makes such issues.

If you update on a cool place like in the AC room then such chances reduce by 95% remember.

This can’t be fixed by any software update/restore or downgrade which makes your important data lose.

If this happens then only the solution is the replacement of the Lcd.So.contact and visit the apple store for a replacement.

The video helps you can more.

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