Oppo A9X PCEM00 Pin/Pattern/Frp remove by Flash Tool Free.

Oppo A9X PCEM00 Pin/Pattern/Frp remove by Flash Tool Free.

Oppo A9X PCEM00_11_A.10 Reset User lock Lock Frp Remove File) Pin/Pattern/Frp remove by SpFlash Tool Free and easily without any box or devices. Remove pin on Oppo/Realme/Mi device is hard and you need to authorize tool and expensive service. World-first removes PIN/Pattern and FRP on Realme devices. You need to download the tool that I mention in the post below. Simply download the tool, install it on your pc or Laptop, and feel the power.

Oppo A9X PCEM00_PCEM00_11_A.10 Reset Userlock Lock Frp Remove File

Remove Oppo A9X PCEM00_11_A.10 Reset User lock Lock, Pin/Pattern, and Frp with new security patch by splash tool (Ver 5, Ver 6). Download the important file for Realme 3_RMX1822EX.

Download file Oppo A9X PCEM00_11_A.10 Pin/Pattern remove the file by address.

How to extract Oppo A9X PCEM00_11_A.10 Reset user lock File.

* Download Winrar or 7zip
* Install Winrar or 7zip
* Right-click on the downloaded file
* Extract it

How to format only the address by Sp Flash Tool.

* Download the latest version of the Sp Flash tool.
* Download MCT bypass tool(Mct MTK Auth bypass tool).
* Power off phone
* Open MCT free tool.
* Open SP Flash tool in Admin mode.
* Select Manual Format Locate the firmware folder,
* Choose the scattered files that you download.
* Put the Authentication file too.You have to find the Address on the scattered files.
* Open MT65xx Android Scatter.txt  on Notepad
* Press CTRL + F key and search for FRP.
Note the values under liner start address and partition_size:

Copy value under linear start address and paste it in SP Flashtool format tab, inside.

Begin Address[HEX]: e.g 0x6a00000 Copy the value under partition_size: and paste it in SP Flashtool Format tab, inside End Address[HEX]: e.g 0x100000.

Press V- and V+ then Insert USB.

* Install driver if prompt. If you have any problem with driver installation then you can download the MTK VCOM driver and Linus Driver.
* Click on Start.
You should get a Format Ok when it’s done.

* You put and pin/passcode/Pattern then you forget then you have to reset the phone but nowadays such type of reset is blocked by promoting passcode while on reset process.If you are going to remove the User lock then use the user data partition address.

* So, after you reset the device will prompt recent synchronized Google account needs to be verified that protects your device from unauthorized internal access but unfortunately, it can be bypassed easily by this method on Android Mtk phones.If you are going to remove the FRP lock then use the FRP partition address.

Download the Oppo A9X PCEM00_11_A.10 Pin/Pattern remove .
Extract Passcode:- ifonerehab.com

Realme Models Pin/Pattern remove file.

Realme 3  RMX1821EX 11_C.17  Reset User lock File

Realme 3 RMX1822EX Pin/Pattern/Frp remove File

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