Jailbreak IOS 14.7.1 with Windows & Download ISO file 2021.

Jailbreak IOS 14.7.1 with Windows & Download ISO file 2021.

Jailbreak ends the restriction and limitation on the IOS System. OS system is modified that gives the deep access to control over the device. The jailbreak process allows you to run root file system read and write, running unsigned code. After you jailbreak you can access the unofficial app download,3rd party app access, Tweaks, and endless opportunities that you can’t find on un-jailbroken devices. Jailbreak is the process by which the famous app installer Cydia.

The jailbreak system is so much popular on the iPhone,iPad users that open the door to bypass iCloud devices, Carrier unlock, and many more. Which are turned into useless stuff that only stands for donors to other devices.

The Jailbreak process on windows looks hard but that is simple. The main process you have to follow is that make a bootable pen drive. The web post tells you how you can easily make that with the help of your pc and laptop and jailbreak your stuff.

Download the latest version on USB Patcher Mina USB tool 3.2.If you want to jailbreak the passcode or disabled iPhone running iOS 14 to above.

The required list.

Pendrive 2GB to up.

Windows PC or Laptop

ISO file.

Download the required file this contains all the necessary files to prepare for a jailbreaking tool for windows pc. After complete download, the required file extracts the zip file that zip contain Checkra1n ISO file system, Rufus application, Rufus Supported files.

To prepare for the Bootable making process.

2GB or more Pendrive with good quality and complete formatted. The Rufus program also formats the pen drive once before starting boot making.

Open extracted package and Run Rufus tool on admin mode. Put the pen drive or sd card on the PC.

You have to choose the drive on which you need to install the boot system. Select under the device drop-down section and choose.

Give the path of the ISO image.

Choose a partition scheme.


MBR is the best.

The ISO file supports both 32 bit and 64-bit.

Don't make any changes leave all settings to default.

After doing all processes then click on start and wait for the procedure to complete. 

Now on your hand is a bootable Pendrive with checkra1n that jailbreak your iPhone, iPad easily on windows.


Free Download F3ar application.


How to use it.

After you successfully Complete checkra1n bootable Pendrive then reboot your PC.

The different key combination depends on different PC. Press F3, F2, F12, F9 depends on the model that shows the bootable option and goes throw primary booting via Pendrive.

Two-mode you can use




Both are supported mode depends on your pc or laptop's configuration. In my case the 2nd mode (LEGACY BIOS MODE OR USB MODE).

Skipping BPR checks on A11 devices 8 to X you can’t set up a passcode and face id.

If you have any queries about the post feel free to comment below we will respond to your comment as fast as possible. If you are able to create a bootable checkra1n jailbreak Pendrive with the help of this Web post then drop your feedback.

The Video instructions for the Process.

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