How to Fix iPhone Random reboots in 3 minutes,Lagging and slow on use.

How to Fix iPhone Random reboots in 3 minutes,Lagging and slow on use.

If you are an iPhone user and if you face lagging and random restart in 3 minutes then you are in right place. I will guide you on how you can fix such issues.Give your sometimes if you want to fix your stuff with problem lagging and random restart in 3 minutes.

While going to the setting this takes some time to open. Let`s check the volume bar stuck on while up and down 2-3 attempts that works and sometimes ringtones can’t play too.

Same as Setting stuck, the privacy option is also stuck. Let's check the log. If the "iPhone reboots automatically then the iOS system captures the log data".

IOS system record of the last reboots. Mostly on the Log data shows pressure (PRS), Microphone (Mic), Ambient light sensor (ALS), Watchdog ( Charging Flex ), TB (Battery), etc.

To view the Panic log report.

Navigate to Setting>Privacy>Analytic and improvement>Analytics data.

You can see too many lists of logs among them search the log name start with Panic Full. On which you can see a bunch of panic full log means too many times the iPhone was restarting automatically.

Tap on the latest panic log.

Panic string panic (CPU 1 caller address)userspace watchdog timeout no successful checkings from com. Apple thermal monitored since load/nservice return not alive with context is alive from return unhealthy current some address sd:1 bc 0 missing sensors.

You can download the Panic log analyzer. This software automatically searches the panic log and analyzes and shows the possible solution.

The important thing I want to tell is that before an old iOS if restart happens like that after removing the problem was solved but on the update of the iOS in that same case you remove only can’t solve that issues you have to replace it to check fault were solved or not.

If the problem was from charging flex you have to change it to fix the problem. Only removing the flex cannot fix that issues.

One important thing

You have to change the original flex(The copy flex can’t fix that issue anymore.

The panic log was automatically deleted after the rest of time.

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Video Instruction for iPhone reboots on 3 Minutes.

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