Carrier locked iPhone! Unlock with White sim and Latest iccid code 2021.

Carrier locked iPhone! Unlock with White sim and Latest iccid code 2021.

How to find the iPhone was carrier-locked.If any lock exists on your iPhone then you can only use some specific network. If you use another carrier sim then fail to get network and go to activation screen by following this finally you got a message iPhone sim not valid or sim not supported.Verizon like most of the carrier supported.

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You can check without insert sim too. Follow the instruction.

Navigate to setting> general>About

Scroll down Service provider lock status.

If shows Locked then your iPhone is carrier-locked.

What is the possible Solution if your iPhone is locked with some specific carrier and fails to use other carrier networks?

1 - Factory unlock

This Process is the best for unlocking which is not easy too. If you are under contract with some carrier networks then you are not eligible to unlock. If you are eligible to unlock then contact the carrier-locked website and follow the instruction unlock for free. If you wish to unlock previously then you can contact unlocking sites and you have to pay for unlocking which is sometimes expensive too.

  1. Unlock instruction.
  • Connect wifi
  • Take out sim
  • Find my iPhone must turn off or you can use id while on activation process
  • Insert non supported carrier sim

Follow the activation process.

If you are eligible and the activating process success then you got a sim-free iPhone on hand.

2 - Gevey chip method.

This method is Such type of network unlock method on which you have to insert some chip below the sim that bypass the carrier lock. This process is the cheapest process for unlocking. If you use that method then you can only use one sim after the setup preform. If you have to wish to use another sim then you have to follow the same process that you perform previously. Every time you have to do a process if you change another sim.

3 - ICCID 

The update on the ios system added different features and apple blocks such as unlock process the Gevey chip developer develop the new method ICCID code to perform unlock. After you insert Gevey then auto pops up on the screen Input ICCID then you have to insert ICCID. That is changed with time and blocked by apple so many times. If you update yourself on the latest iccid always then you have to stay with us or bookmark this page.You can see the updated and Latest ICCID 2022/02/22  from here.


 New ICCID :- Latest ICCID 


4 - White sim unlocks.

This is the latest and best method to unlock your carrier-locked iPhone.This one sim can unlock too many iPhones.This sim makes your iPhone sim-free. Remember that is not the permanent unlocking solution. This process is similar to Gevey sim unlock. 

The best part is that you don't have to put Gevey below the sim and any sim you can use looks like factory unlock.


  • You can`t restore or upgrade your ios version. If then the previous lock was restored.
  • This is not a permanent unlock solution.


Don`t upgrade your iPhone.Before upgrade confirm that ICCID is working perfectly then you can Perform an update.

You can find the latest ICCID on our site. We are the Source of the new ICCID too.

Unlock process.

  • Connected to wifi
  • Update your iPhone to the latest IOS.
  • Make sure find my iPhone is turned off
  • Insert white sim on locked iPhone.
  • Phone ask for the activation process and follow the instruction. After the activation process is complete then you can use the desired sim.

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We update the latest ICCID always after it changed or new found.

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